Thomas Alleynes

Understanding the amazing and complex adolescent brain. Session 2


To take place at Thomas Alleyne's High School, Uttoxeter.

9am - 3.30pm

This session is led by the Teaching School Tean.

Nicola Morgan is an international expert in teenage brains and how the pressures they face directly affect their learning and performance in the classroom and in all areas of their life, intellectually, socially and emotionally.  She believes that stress responses and human behaviour is fundamental to being able to support, teach and guide young people.  And sharing that understanding with them also helps them manage their own well-being and success.  In this information packed day, Nicola will share her knowledge and insights into how that works, covering topics such as : teenage brain changes, the biology of stress and how it affects performance, the effects of brain bandwidth on learning and behaviour, and the issues arising from use of screens, the internet and social media.  She will also offer practical strategies for schools to better support student well-being in order to empower success.  You will go away with young people and also to support your own well-being and that of the people around you.

Cost to attend both sessions is £295

There will be a cost saving to MAT /non MAT schools